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Below are some of the services we provide.  Can't find what you're looking for? Give me a call! My portfolio of products are always evolving alongside the insurance industry.

Cheerful Seniors


Medicare can be tough to understand, I can help!

With so many options, Medicare can be confusing. I represent most (if not all) Medicare companies in Southeastern Indiana and surrounding states. This allows us to truly compare your options and determine which plan would be best for you. Medicare plans are never a one size fits all scenario.


Taking Care of Your Family

The one guarantee in life is that one day we will all pass. Many people overlook life insurance options until a loved one has passed and they've watched the family try to afford a funeral. The average funeral runs between $7,000-$10,000.  Life Insurance is not only great for covering our final expenses but it also could be hugely beneficial for paying off our homes, covering hospital bills and the most over looked benefit is replacing your income for your surviving family.

Grandpa and Grandchild Having Fun


The Protection You Need

It’s important to keep you & your family protected. That is why Caring Hands Insurance Services offers the best possible Insurance Package for your needs. Contact me today to understand more about what we do and what is offered.


I travel to you!

It's not very often we need a document notarized but when we do, a notary is never around or it's after hours. As a mobile notary public, I travel to you and can notarize on the spot.

Notary Stamps

No matter your insurance needs, Caring Hands Insurance Services is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive coverage for your needs at the most attractive price. Our Clients are family and we are always here to help! Unlike other agents who do insurance part time or fly in to make money off of you and leave again, we're deeply rooted within the community and here for the long run. All while providing the trusted, hometown, expert advice you would expect to get from family!



Our Clients Are Family

Although Caring Hands Insurance Services is a new name to the area, I've been proudly serving the insurance needs of Southeastern Indiana and surrounding areas for 13+ years. As a Independent agent I represent several companies giving us the option to find the best fit for your insurance needs. There is never a charge for my services and if you ever receive a bill that you believe to be incorrect I will work on it on your behalf.
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